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I am Hugo Pascuettín, a hunting guide with more than thirty years of hunting experience. It all began for me as a hobby with family and friends in my hometown of Villa Huidobro. Back then, my focus was boar hunting with trained dogs. Approximately sixteen years ago, I ventured into wingshooting for doves, ducks, pigeons and perdiz as well as big game hunting for buffalo, red deer, Axis deer and black buck antelope. These experiences became my passion. Over the years I have acquired a sixth sense, if you will, for the hunters’ needs and wants and the ability to make them a reality. I have hunted with many hunters from all over the world and have achieved excellent results.  HUGO PASCUETTIN WINGSHOOTING ADVENTURES is a result of this passion. This family-run operation provides a hospitable, homely atmosphere for hunters to enjoy as well as excellent hunts. Personalized service and attention is given to every imaginable detail. Allow me to make my passion yours.





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Our company specializes in providing personalized services because we believe that every group of guests looks for a special type of hunting program and accommodations.
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Our Guests say

"I have been coming to Argentina for 30 years,and this is the best hunt we have ever had.  Three days of ducks , more than 140 per day, and pigeons well over 200 per man per day. 

I can highly recommend HP Wingshooting for a super well organized hunt."


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