May to July


25-30 duck per hunt

Duck season in Argentina runs from the beginning of May up through the month of July with liberal daily bag limits and several different species of ducks such as chiloe wigeon, red shoveler, rosy-billed pochard, yellow-billed pintail, white-cheeked pintail, fulvous tree duck, white-faced tree duck, Brazilian teal, cinnamon teal, silver teal, ringed teal, speckled teal, black-headed duck.

The use of motion decoys, floating decoys, and the expert calling of your guide adds to the excitement of the hunt.

The hunts take place in either the province of Santa Fe or in the province of Santiago del Estero depending on the annual rainfall. The marshes in Santa Fe have a constant water supply from the San Javier River which maintains an ideal duck habitat year round. The duck habitat in Santiago del Estero is dependent on the amount of rainfall in the northern part of the country. A heavy rain season can bring enough water to overflow the Dulce River and in turn flood the surrounding fields providing the perfect habitat for an abundant amount of ducks. Whether the hunt takes place in Santa Fe or Santiago del Estero, one thing the hunters can be sure of is that they will have an excellent hunt

Recommended Gear for a Duck hunting trip:

  • Please note that after June and until mid October, it is winter time in Argentina, you will need warm clothes

  • Long Pants 

  • Long sleeve shirts in camouflage patterns or dark green 

  • Ear plugs 

  • Sun glasses 

  • Sun screen 

  • Insect repellent 

  • Shooting gloves

  • Shoulder pads 

  • Shell pouch 

  • Gun cleaning kit

  • Wide brim hat or cap 

  • Light rain gear 

  • Waders

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